Turning Your Problems Into Profits 
Introducing Lucy Hoger:
2x International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Turnarounds Consultant
Lucy has repeatedly implemented successful operational changes restoring companies into profitability.

Lucy Hoger is a former CEO of a NASDAQ-listed tech company and a Senior Executive with a track record for propelling organizations to their next level of profitable achievement. She’s lead a NASDAQ-listed company to increase their share price by 1,200% in just 12 months, increased the annual revenue for a global services organization by over $24 million, negotiated a $90 million sale of a near-insolvent company and recently saved $13 million in annual customer support costs for one customer.

Lucy shares her expertise in real-world performance for several NASDAQ companies by advising hundreds of business owners on leadership, business growth, strategic planning and implementation.

She’s an International Best Selling Author and is currently working on the launch of her third book.

Are you ready to scale your business and improve profitability?
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Are you ready to scale your business
and improve profitability?
"Lucy’s strategic thinking is exceptionally rare when coupled with her ability to simplify the thorniest issues and contributes to tactical implementations. She has demonstrated her competence to run an organization, set the direction, inspire the team and work countless hours to accomplish the mission.” – Keith C.
“Lucy was one of the best managers I ever had from over the last 15 years. She taught me skills in project management, team participation and leadership. She is smart, creative, generous, and has an unfailingly positive attitude toward work, life, and customer relationships.” – Carol B.
”Lucy challenges conventional sales and marketing assumptions, and finds more effective and efficient go-to-market strategies. She enriches the process and enhances the results through her blend of tactics and outside-the-box strategic insights. Lucy has working relationships with variety domestic and international partners.” – George C.
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